Point heating system

Product Application

Electric point heating system equipment is an indispensable system in the field of modern rail transit. The main function is to heat the movable parts of the turnout through automatic control means to melt the ice and snow at a specific location, thus eliminating the impact of rain and snow on the operation of the turnout, ensuring driving safety and operating efficiency.   
"RDK5-INSV electric point heating system" is the contribution of years of Keanda’s continuous research and development and field application of point heating in response to the actual needs of Chinese railways industry for point heating. The system has three control modes: automatic control, manual control and remote monitoring. It adopts a variety of heating elements and heating methods for outdoor turnouts to achieve the best heating effect and meet the requirements of various occasions.  

Product features

The system is controlled by industrial computer, which can automatically turn on and off the heating circuit according to the rain and snow conditions to melt the snow on the switch; 
The system uses high-quality electric heating elements with a life span of no less than 10 years to ensure a good heating effect; 
The heating circuit is isolated with a transformer to ensure the safety of track circuit and people;  
The system has perfect and reliable EMC anti-interference and lightning protection capabilities. The communication collection and command control of the electrical control cabinet of the main control equipment are all executed by PLC, with high reliability and low failure rate; 
Complete protection measures; the system has over-voltage, over-current protection, leakage protection and electromagnetic pulse protection; 
The actual situation on site and the convenience of installation are fully considered, and the installation of outdoor equipment has little impact on public works; 
The clamping fixture has advanced technology, excellent performance and easy installation; 
 The remote control center and the upper software of the station control terminal have a pleasant interface and intuitive display, which is convenient for on-site personnel;  
 The heating method is flexible, with heating strips, heating plates and heating modules combined to ensure the best heating effect. 

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