GFL-K818 Lightning Protection Wiring Cabinet

Product Application

       The GFL1-K818 signal lightning protection wiring cabinet is a new product jointly developed by Guangzhou Railway [Group] Electricity Department and Shenzhen Keanda Electronic Technology Corp., Ltd. It integrates wiring board and lightning protection cabinet into one entity. Based on standard, it is delicately designed and professionally manufactured. It’s mainly used in railway stations, marshalling yard signal machinery room and various electronic equipment concentrated outdoor places, with incoming cable transfer, distribution and lightning protection and other purposes. Installed at the interface between the lightning protection LPZO zone and LPZI zone, it realizes the optimized combination of ‘lightning protection’ and ‘cable distribution’. 

Product features

Lightning protection wiring cabinet adopts the standard railway signal cabinet dimension: the 2350X900X600mm cabinet is suitable for passenger dedicated railway; the 2350X900X400mm cabinet is suitable for ordinary railways. 
The base plate in the GFL1-K818 lightning protection wiring cabinet adopts cold-rolled boards. The base plate proves that it can allow 117 six-bit terminal bases, divided into 9 layers, with 13 in each layer. Space for power supply combination at the bottom of the cabinet is reserved. There are installation positions for installing 10 double circuit breakers on the bottom floor, which allows 10 double circuit breakers when necessary.  
The six-bit terminal base has two types: parallel type and series type. A six-bit terminal base can connect 6 signal lines. 
The SFLM-xxx signal surge protector is used in conjunction with the six-bit terminal base and installed in the GFL1-K818 signal lightning protection wiring cabinet. The SFLM-xxx signal surge protector has passed the CRCC certification of the Ministry of Railways, and the device model covers a variety of equipment, including: SFLM-380, SFLM-220, SFLM-120, SFLM-60, SFLM-C and other models with different voltage levels. 
Optional grounding alarm, module deterioration and absence alarm functions. 

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